JFL Culture Questionnaire

The purpose from this questionnaire is to assess JFL culture through the eyes of its people. We kindly ask you to complete it in order to help help us understand more about JFL. This will allow us draw a fit culture based on the responses we will be gaining from all of you at JFL. Prior to providing us with your answers, we ask you to fill in some information about yourself. We seek to know you more so we can draw a clear picture on the most valuable asset to JFL; its people. All information will remain strictly confidential. We do not use your information beyond the objective of tailoring a solution that best fit JFL and its people. There are two sections in this questionnaire, six statements each. We present you with four alternatives to each statement. We ask you to select the statement that provides for the best answer in describing the situation. Please read through the alternatives and select the one that you see as the best fit and allocate it to Option 1. Thereafter, move forward in prioritizing the remaining alternatives. We have added Option 5 so you can flag out the alternative that you see as not applicable, in other words: No way. You will make two passes. Through the first pass, we ask you to describe the situation as you see it today, isolated from your preference or how you would wish for it to be. This will allow us draw its current picture. Through the second pass, we will provide you with the same questions, only now we will ask you to answer based on your preference; how you wish for it to be. Use the same approach used in the previous section to provide us with your best preferred alternative and priority of the remaining. Note that there are no right or wrong answers. Just make sure to be as accurate as you could be in describing JFL in its current and preferred state This will allow us all to have a clear picture about JFL today and how its people prefer for it to be otherwise. At the end, allow us to thank you in advance. Your contribution is highly valuable and much appreciated. May you have an insightful journey

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