We are acuvStrategy

The boutique strategy firm who eliminates risk from the journey to empirical growth. We tailor bespoke strategies as an offer, we execute the plan, & earn success fees on results.

Since 2016, acuvStrategy has been successfully achieving growth for small family businesses.
By blending our market insights with deep understanding of each business, we revive models, lucrify value chains, and launch magnificent ideas into the market. Our work have inspired owners about their business as much it did about what is going around them in the market. We treat every business as a unique case and bring to it growth opportunities that we believe will reward us our success fees. At acuvStrategy we believe in Results as the best measure for success. This is why we have been delivering good results – extremely good results.

Born out of passion for family businesses

We launched in 2016 out of our passion for family businesses. Technological disruption, changing behaviors, volatile economies, and corporate greed are threatening sustainability of family businesses who are vital to our world. We took a leap of faith and turned our idea to empower family businesses into our business.

The Gap

We did our homework and realized the absence of value driven services focusing on family business. Providers were split between large global service companies with hefty charges OR local service providers with opaque services. However we looked, small family businesses shared the same voice, it is too expensive, theoretical and missing much of what is needed to trigger motion.

The Core Idea

We reversed the global term VUCA and launched acuvStrategy with the idea of blending market insights with deep understanding of businesses to turn around business conditions. We anchored on our experience in tailoring bespoke strategies and took ownership of results. We introduced the success fees model and carried execution of initiatives over the short horizon. That made all the difference.

It Worked

Fast forward, acuvStrategy today has grown to be the go-to strategy office for small family business. Our clients value the insights we bring to the table. Be it about the market or their business, they speak on how we could change perspectives and turn around performance. We are fortunate to have served prominent businesses that continue to grow beyond limits of plans.

Looking Forward

As we drive acuvStrategy onto sustainable growth tracks, we are committed to introduce cutting-edge innovation to further improve the journey. Our ambition is to become globally recognized as the first choice for small family businesses whose owners are determined on sustaining their legacy over generations to come.


We treat each and every business on its own capabilities to define ambitious yet executable growth strategies.


We have deeply explored 46+ categories within Retail and Manufacturing sectors and remain vigilant on market dynamics.


We put our money where our mouth is and invest our mastery skills into what we believe will reward us all with great returns.

Our Culture

We stay on course and Do the Right thing Right

Business owners choose us for our Mastery skills, our Chivalry, and our Vigilance. In everything we do, we show courtesy, mobilize our craftsmanship, and remain on the watch for what will happen next. From partners, to subject matter experts, to executives, and analysts behind screens, we are high achievers who stay on course to defy challenges and empower our clients achieve empirical growth.

Our Mission

We are spearheading Risk-Free Consulting

We believe the primary function of consulting is to evade risks, starting by the risk of opaque services. Our TOC approach reverses the conventional journey with work and results ahead of fees. We tailor bespoke strategies as an offer, execute our strategic plans, and tie our success fees to results. This is how we spearhead the Risk-Free consulting with an aim to empower family business owners achieve empirical growth.

Our Principles


Right On

Designing growth strategies is complex. When approached with diffused frameworks it leads to illusive roadmaps. We focus on the most important AND works for the business to achieve and sustain growth over multiple horizons.


Lead On

Organizational understanding of what is it that we will do is critical for success. We make sure to devise clear action plans with motives and drivers. We inspire, engage, and support the development of people through journey.


Move On

Markets are dynamic and keep changing. So do risks and opportunities. We remain vigilant about market dynamics and continuously monitor behavioral trends along with their impact on businesses.


What's Going on?

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Harnessing the tectonic 

shift in Supply Chain


Navigating the business 

through storms of inflation


The Blueprint for 

Sustainable Growth

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