Bid farewell to hefty fees upfront. We tailor your bespoke strategy before we spell a word on fees. Even More, We execute and tie our Success Fees to Results.


Discover . Integrate . Deliver

In contrast to conventional consultancy where fees come first, we believe solution and result come first. In simple words, we do our work earlier to asking for fees. If you agree to what we make and if it delivers results, you pay fees. Our methodology has a proven record at delivering excellent returns for both, our clients and us. The journey is split over three phases of Discovery, Integration, and Delivery.


Post your agreement on our offered plan, we move to the execution phase. We are guided by the intervention plan that is clearly outlined in the offer. We take the CXO seat liaising directly with management team while reporting to you. We sponsor, mentor, and lead creation of documents and set of activities according to initiatives from plan. We take things by our hand to own the results and perform on every measure required to achieve desired outcomes.


We begin by collecting your business data and treat it in our assessment center. We look at performance in the past five years to define what has been driving or inhibiting growth. We blend our findings with market insights through the period and define plausible scenarios to the future according to market outlook. This turns into our context to tailor the best strategy for your business. We define multiple courses, quantify various outcome scenarios and select the ultimate strategy that we believe will drive sustainable growth. We then move to develop a cohesive plan with actionable intervention plan for execution. This all turns into our Offer.


Every outcome in our plan is measurable. From financial returns to operational indicators, we set targets over several horizons. They become the north star to our performance and a verifiable means to measure results. We set them in a dashboard, use them to benchmark our progress and gain our success fees accordingly. This helps us remain focused on results while it provides yet another tool for you to remain confident on the path to sustainable growth.



Tailored to Fit

Action Trumps Preach

Strategies fail when they over promise or when strategists fail to account for organizational capabilities. At acuvStrategy, we assess the business for its current capabilities. This allows us to tailor bespoke strategies that fit the business today without losing sight of potential development into the future. Our tailoring system makes all the difference.

It is always easier said than done. So unless it is done, no one can tell whether or not it was right. At acuvStrategy, we put our money where our mouth is. From as little as a automating a process to as big as shifting spaces, we speak what we know we will deliver ourselves. We take ownership of the plan and its results. What better way could there be to guarantee results?


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