We run unique programs designed for small family businesses based on life cycle. It allows us to achieve best results. And, by Small, we mean turnover is less than $50 million.


Fit to challenges, Tailored to your Business

To achieve accelerated results, we have designed our programs according to the stage of business. All our programs are designed with results at the core while considering varying market conditions and business challenges.

Change the Game

For businesses at maturity stage, we innovate fresh tracks and transform the business to fit the changing market dynamics

Business Engineering

For businesses at early stage, we engineer the business model, design lucrative value chains and set the business on sustainable tracks

Launch with Confidence

For businesses exploring new
markets, we assess opportunities, design the penetration strategy and carry out feasibility studies


Bespoke strategies guaranteed to drive sustainable growth

We tap on choices and venues for growth backed by deep market insights. Whether it is an untapped market to benefit from or a downtrend to abandon, we provide clear strategic choices in line with business capabilities. Our strategic reports come with clear actionable roadmaps over multiple horizons. We focus on quick results without losing sight of that big idea into the future.

Business Engineering

Coffee Roaster and Retailer

MENA region

Change the Game

Kids Wear Manufacturer and Retailer

MENA region

Launch with Confidence

Beverage & Entertainment

MENA region


Connecting the dots

Led by our Partners, we work closely with a wide network of independent industry experts to develop and execute the most effective roadmaps for Sustainable Growth.

Bill-Elias Taha


Earlier to founding acuvStrategy in 2016, Bill servedĀ  as a board member for leading regional groups across USA, Europe, and MENA regions. Bill is well versed at developing business strategies that deliver sustainable growth. He is hands-on at engineering businesses,, accelerating cash flows, and mitigating risks.


Business Strategy

To enable businesses Win the Game.
We work on introducing innovation, digitization, business modelling and Organizational design.

Corporate Finance

To enable business owners extract highest returns. We work on optimizing profits, accelerating cash flow, and leveraging assets.

Sales & Marketing

To enable businesses expand revenue opportunities. We work on penetrating markets and introducing new products.

Operations Management

To enable businesses optimize profits across the value chain. We work on increasing efficiency and deploying quality management.

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